Benefits Of Glow Mist

Glow Mist is a spray-on, illuminating potion enriched with sparkles that leaves your face feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.
Glow mist for a radiant, dewy effect. Gives a glowing, luminous & smooth complexion.
Just spritz over clean skin before make up – this acts as an ultra-lightweight, moisturising primer – or mist on top of make up to revive your ‘midday face’ and create an undetectable protective veil against pollutants and the elements.
Before makeup: hydrates, protects & nourishes.
 After makeup: sets makeup, adds a dewy finish and protects skin.
 Anytime: refreshes makeup, hydrates and adds glow.
Shake before use to emulsify, then spray lightly whenever your skin needs a quick radiance boost. You can also spritz into palms and glide through your neck area to make the skin look glittery and shimmery.
If you need a glow mist that will give you a smooth finish and pretty glow try our Royale Makeup Glow Mist which comes in different shades for whoever wants to use it.
Directions: Shake to mix. Close eyes and mist over face, neck and other areas.
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